Whether we like it or not electricity bills will keep going up and up and up....So it's time businesses start realizing what many households have done, and protect themselves against unpredictable future rising costs..

Electricity is a running cost for every business which is will eventually affect your competitiveness...the time to start thinking and planning is now.

At E-Solar we offer 'turn-key' commercial solar solutions, conceived specifically to insure your business's long term sustainability. This is achieved both by producing electricity cheaply, and also by reducing your consumption with new cutting edge technology.

Our solar designers and consultants will provide the most suitable solutions for your needs and report on energy savings avenues using the following criteria:

  • Optimum sun exposure
  • Location and space availability
  • Structural integrity
  • Potential current and future energy output considerations

It would be prudent to start educating yourself now, so that you are ready when decisions have to be made.....we are in Perth and happy to talk to anyone in WA to lend our local service and support...