Energy Savings LED Lights

We have heard about them for the last few years but only now are they starting to become cost effective.

LED lights are always safer and better for the environment compared to mercury based compact fluorescent lights, they now use a fraction of the electricity, last 10 times longer (we are talking 20 years minimum lifespan) and offer better quality of light....not to mention attract less insects

Ideal for building energy efficiency in home or business environments such as Shops, Hotels and Shopping Malls they are easy to install with no maintenance for decades.

Impressive looks are a marginal benefit compared to the drastic reduction on your electricity can expect anything between 80 and 90% savings.

LED CL51 18W 240V N & W White


LED CL51 18W 240V Neutral and Warm White

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LED CL59 13W 240V N & W White


LED CL59 13W 240V Neutral and Warm White

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LED Floodlight 30-50W 240V


LED Floodlight 30-50W 240V and cool White

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LED FL10 10W 240V Cool White


LED FL10 10W 240V Cool White

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LED Retro Lamp V30 White Dim


LED Retro Lamp V30 Warm White Dim

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18W T8 Led


ESOLAR 1200mm/ 4feet 18watt LED T8 Tube is the highest quality T8 LED Tube...

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6W MR16 Led


ESOLAR 5WATT MR16 LED Globes are one of the brightest and most economical LED...

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8W LED bulb


Small size 8W LED bulb, with 650lm for white color. It can replace 60W...

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