1440 Watts PBS

Office: PABX, fax, 6 - 10 PCs, printers, photocopier and lights Home: TV, VCR, stereo, full lighting, fridge and freezer

QUANTUM is a compact inverter designed to power your home appliances or precious electronics. Its compact size features easy installation and high movability. Besides, its high surge capability also can handle motor-type loads such as vacuums, small freezers, or drills.

Compared with traditional inverters in the market, this inverter provides two operation modes: UPS mode and Inverter mode. At UPS mode, the inverter becomes an UPS which can provide pure power source to PC-related equipment or sensitive devices. At Inverter mode, the inverter can provide continuous power to general home appliances.

 MODEL  1.2K 2.4K
 CAPACITY  1200 VA / 720 W 2400 VA / 1440 W
 INPUT -  Voltage  120 VAC or 220/230/240 VAC
 INPUT - Voltage Range  0-160 VAC or 0-300 VAC
 OUTPUT - Voltage Regulation   (Inv. Mode) +/-10%
 OUTPUT - Transfer Time  10 ms typical
 Waveform  Waveform Simulated Sine Wave
 BATTERY   Battery Voltage 12 VDC 24 VDC
 CHARGER  Floating Charge Current 13.4DC ±0.25 VDC 26.8 VDC ±0.5 VDC
 Dimension  (DxWxH) mm 293 X 231.5 X 82.5
 Net Weight  (kgs) 2.35 2.55