General Conditions

We offer a comprehensive warranty package on all solar systems sold

  1. 25 years performance warranty on all panels.
  2. 10 year factory warranty on panels and mounting system.
  3. 5-10 year inverter warranty depending on the brand (Back to Base)
  4. 1 year warranty on workmanship installation

Term of Coverage.

25 years performance warranty stipulates that the panels will be working at 80% of their original system efficiency output for 25 years.

This warranty covers defects due to faulty design, workmanship or materials. Neither the Authorized Representative nor the Sales Company nor the Manufacturer shall be responsible for any costs due to delay in repairs or replacements.

No claim based on this Limited Warranty may be brought after the applicable warranty period. Any delivery of additional PV Module(s) or the repair or replacement of the PV Module(s) shall not extend the original terms of this Limited Warranty.

Limited Product Warranty and exclusions

E Solar does not warrant its products from any and all defects or damage caused by:

  1. Malfunction or damage due to product misuse, improper use, abuse or negligence by the customer, or to any other use of the product other than the prescribed use.
  2.  Malfunction or damage due to fire, earthquake, flood, lightning or any other natural disaster, abnormal voltage, war or any other disturbance (civil unrest, riots etc), unforeseen accidents, or any other external factors beyond the control of the Manufacturer or the Sales Company that sold the product
  3. Repair or modification by someone other than an approved service technician of E Solar
  4. Products, whose serial numbers have been changed, tampered with or removed.


E Solar warrants that the installed solar photovoltaic system shall be free from defects in material and on-structure items for a period of 10 years following the Warranty commencement date and shall be free from defects with respect to structural items for a period of ten (10) years following the Warranty commencement date..

The warranty starting date shall be the date on which the Homeowner takes possession of the System.


The following items are excluded from this Warranty:

  1. Meters for Electricity, Gas and Water which are covered and maintained by the Local Distribution Network.
  2. Damage due to wear and tear, abusive use, misuse, or lack of proper maintenance.
  3. Defects in items installed by Homeowner or anyone else not authorized by or an appointed agent of E Solar.
  4. Loss or injury due to the elements (including but not limited to damage due to lightning, over-voltage, storm, surge, fire), or cosmetic shortcomings which do not influence the supply of energy.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute between the parties arises as to whether Homeowner is entitled to the benefits of this Warranty, the matter shall be resolved through a binding arbitration submitted through the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs.

Term of Coverage

The warranty period for the inverter is 5 years warranty from the date of purchase by the original end user.
Coverage. The E Solar warranty covers any repair or replacement part costs incurred during the agreed period, beginning on the device’s purchase date.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Definitions
    1. The Company: E-Solar
    2. The Customer:  Person/s to whom this quote  Is addressed.
    3. Goods: the products I system set out In the quote.
  2. Agreement
    1. The agreement between the Customer and the Company Is for the installation, supply and  
      purchase of the goods constituted by these  terms and conditions and the quote.
    2. A written quote Is valid for 1week from the time of Issue and Is subject to a Site Inspection
      by the Company.
    3. Acceptance of this written  quote constitutes a contract of sale between the Customer  and the Company. Acceptance shall be deemed to have occurred upon the Customer signing the quote.
    4. The Company may rescind this agreement due to unavailability of the selected system. In this case a full refund will be made to the Customer.
    5. Any amendment or variation  to  the  agreement must  be In writing and  signed  by both parties
    6. This agreement is governed by and construed  in accordance with law In force In the state  of
      Western  Australia.
  3. Obligations
    1. The Company will supply and install goods quoted  at the address nominated  on the quote.
    2. The Customer shall pay amounts as set out  in the quote In accordance with section 4.
    3. The Customer  shall assign their  rights to create all Small Technology Certificates  (STCs)  In relation to the system to the Company or agents  nominated  by the Company.
    4. The Customer  shall supply all necessary  Information  required  by the  Company to carry out. Its obligation  under  this agreement. This Includes completing  all necessary documentation as required  by the Company.
    5. Prices for Installation or alteration of the Customers meter  are determined by Synergy and costs are to be borne  by the Customer.
  4. Quotation
    1. The Company will provide the Customer  with a quote  that  Includes the amount  that  must be paid by the Customer.
    2. The Customer  agrees  to  pay the  deposit  amount or  full contract  price at  the  time  of formation  of this agreement.
    3. The Customer  acknowledges that  the  balance amount  Is calculated  by the Company on the basis of the Customers eligibility for government rebates, offers and other  discounts as set out In the quote, and that the Company may change these amounts as a result of variations to these  rebates, offers or discounts.
    4. The Customer agrees to pay on the day of Installation the full balance owed.
  5. Termination
    1. The Company may terminate  this agreement at any time If the Company considers that the Customer  fails to comply with this agreement. If this clause Is Invoked, any monies paid by the Customer  will be retained  by the Company.
    2. The Company  may terminate this agreement If  Government changes  relevant  legislation with regard  to Installation of the system.  If  this clause  Is Invoked, any monies  paid by the Customer will be refunded  by the Company.
    3. The Company may terminate this agreement If the Customer falls to pay the  balance owing on the goods. If this clause Is Invoked, any monies paid by the Customer  will be retained  by the Company. ,_
    4. In addition  to the above the Company may terminate this agreement at Its discretion. If this premises, clause is Invoked all monies paid by the Customer shall be refunded  by the Company.
    5. Subject  to clause  2.5  and  6.6, the  Customer  may not terminate the agreement or  revoke any authority given under it.
  6. Premises  Inspection  and Other Charges
    1. For  the   purpose   of  calculating   the   balance  amount, the   Company   will  rely  on   the Customer's  representations  In  relation   to   the   Customers  eligibility  for  any  rebates,discounts or offers and In relation to the nature of the premises.
    2. Despite clause 6.1, the Company may conduct  a site Inspection of the  premises in order  to confirm the Customers representations, and in that regard:
    3. The Customer  agrees  to  grant  permission  to  the  Company  and  its agents   to  enter the premises for the purpose  of Inspection of the  proposed  location of the Installation.
    4. The Customer   agrees   to  ensure  that   they   are   present   at  the   property   during  site Inspections, Installation and or commissioning, when reasonably required by the Company or Its agents.
    5. The Customer  acknowledges that  the Company may determine that additional  charges may be applicable  If, due  to the  nature  of the  premises,  the  physical Installation of the  goods presents the  Company with difficulties, or  If, at  the  time of Installation any changes  have occurred  at  the  premises  since the  site  Inspection  or  that  are  contrary to the  Customers representations referred  to In clause 6.1.
    6. If   additional  charges  are  applicable  under  clause  6.5,  the  Company  will advise  the Customer   In writing and  the  Customer   may  either   (a)  terminate the  agreement by notice  In writing to  the  Company  In 5 days from  the  date  the  Customr receives  the notice or, (b) proceed by paying the additional charges.
  7. Payment 
    1. All amounts payable to the Company under this agreement can be made  by the following methods:   Bank cheque, cash,  credit  card  or  direct  deposit   and  will be  accepted as received when funds clear the Company's bank account.
  8. Installation
    1. The Company’s Installers  are  licensed  electricians  who  are  accredited designers/ Installers of Solar PV systems  as required  by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. All installations are carried out in accordance with Australian Electrical Standards.
    2. All necessary reasonable access shall be granted by the Customer to the Company
      and Its agents for the purpose of Installation of the goods.
    3. Installation   will  be  carried  out   within  an  estimated  timeframe   advised   to  the Customer,  however  the Customer  acknowledges that  delays may occur for reasons beyond the companies control  and the Company may not be held liable for any loss or damages resulting from this delay.
    4. Delay of Installation will not release the Customer of Its Obligation to accept  and pay for the remainder of the quote or entitle  the Customer  to a refund of monies paid.
      B.S.   The Customer  acknowledges that while the Company and Its agents  will arrange  for the system  to be connected  to main grid, the Customer  is responsible for arranging connection and Installation of electricity at the premises  with their supplier and this is In no way connected to this agreement.
    5. The Customer  acknowledges that  the  Company  or  Its agents  are  not  required  to perform maintenance on the goods  Installed or supplied.
  9. Warranty
    1. The Customer  acknowledges that  this Is not a warranty  document. All Warranties in relation  to the goods  shall be specified  In a separate Warranty  document supplied by the Company with each system. The Customer acknowledges they have received this document.
    2. The Company will not be held liable for Inaccuracies In relation to warranties In this
      document. The Customer  should  refer to the separate warranty  documents for full details.
    3. The Company  warrants the  workmanship of the  Installation  of the  system  for a period of one year, but only where  the failure arises and Is notified to the Company within 1year of the date of the Installation of the system.
    4. Responsibility will not be accepted by the  Company for equipment loss or damage due to any or all of the following:
      1. Misuse, abuse, neglect or accident.
      2. Power failure, power surge, Atmospheric electrical discharges, fire, Storm, Hall, Flooding or water damage however caused.
      3. Lack of, or improper maintenance
      4. Unauthorized repair, modification, repositioning or additions
      5. Connection of equipment not In compliance with specifications
      6. Non-observance with use and maintenance Instructions
    5. The Customer  acknowledges that  all Warranties In relation  to the goods other than that specified  In 9.3 are  provided  by the  manufacturer of the  product  and  not the Company.
    6. The Company will not accept liability for such warranties  Including the return of the goods to the manufacturer.
      The Company will not be liable for any personal  Injury, Incidental damages, consequential loss, loss of profit, cost of business interruption, loss of opportunities, or any like claims whatsoever from any use of, or Incidental  to, the Goods or their failure to operate, or out of the Company's negligence or breach of contract.
  10. Ownership of Goods and Risk
    1. Delivery of the goods  to the premises  or the  presence  of the goods at the passes Risk in the goods to the Customer.
    2. Title of the  goods  passes  to the  Customer  upon:  payment  In full of the  contract price and  any additional  charges,  completion of the  installation  and completion of all documentation  required  by the  Company  and  receipt  by the  Company  of all Small Technology Certificates In relation to the system.
    3. In the  event  that  full payment  for  the  system  Is not  provided  in accordance with 10.2,  the  Customer  agrees  to  grant  permission  to  the  Company  or  its agents  to enter  Its premises for the purpose of removing the goods.
  11. Permits
    1. If any permits or approval  Is required  In connection to the  work being performed, It Is the responsibility of the Customer  to determine whether such  permits are  required  and to obtain any permits.
  12. Exclusions and Limitations
    1. Where additional work is required  to be carried  out  in preparation for Installation of the goods  (Install or  modification  of  meters  or  work  required   to  ensure  compliance  with electrical standards), the Customer  will be responsible for arranging  for this work to take place and will bear the cost of this work.
  13. Disclaimers
    1. Representations made to Customers are done so in good faith, using Information believed to  be correct  at  the  time  of !tale. The Company  shall  not  be  responsible  for  any  loss incurred  as a  result  of changes  to  any government assisted  schemes,  feed-In-tariffs  or other  programs. Customers are encouraged to seek their own financial advice In relation to potential  returns  associated  with their system.