The Grid Connect Inverter is the heart of any solar system. It’s a sophisticated device that is responsible for:

  • Conversion of DC current (produced by the solar panels) to AC current which can be used within your home or exported to the grid.
  • Monitoring system system performance to get the best output from the solar panels (maximum power point tracking).
  • Reporting on the solar system’s performance (either on screen, via bluetooth or online)

At e-Solar we have 30+ years of experience with solar solutions and solar products. Out of the many solar inverter manufacturers on the market today, we selected those stand out for their track record, reputation and service not to mention value for the money:


SMA - solar technology by e-solar

SMA - Solar Technology is unquestionably the world’s leader in solar inverters in terms of volume and quality. Fully designed and manufactured in Germany, SMA sets the benchmark for solar inverters in the residential, commercial and utility solar markets. Esolar has installed many SMA Sunny Boy inverters in Western  Australia. Click here for further details (external link)



Power One - Changing the shape of Power by e-solarPower One Inverters are manufactured in Italy and the USA, Power One Aurora are the second largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world. At e-Solar we offer both the “PVI” and the brand new “UNO” range of inverters. These models offer residential customers rivalled design flexibility plus innovative reporting and communication options.  Click Here for Further details (external link)


Growatt - Powering tomorrow by e-solar

Among the many inverters that came from China there are very few with a proven record of sales, reliability and presence like Growatt. Sturdy and resilient when other more expensive brands have been found wanting this inverter is a workhorse for what is meant to do. German Photon Magazine, the longest serving authority in this business has praised Growatt among the best inverters coming from China and quality wise as good as any German made inverter.Click Here for Further details (external link)


E-solar supplies APS Micro Inverters APS Micro Inverters technology provides power management to individual panels and maximised energy yield and flexibility with design and installation, optimal performance in non-ideal conditions and low DC voltage. Click here for furhter details (internal link)

If you would like to discuss the best inverter for your situation, please contact e-Solar today on 1300 376 527 to arrange a no obligation home visit and assessment.