Solar Panels

Resulting from 25 years of PV experience the H series Monocrystalline modules offer one of the highest power density ratios available.

The first H series production started in 1981 by those who believed and stuck to the vision.….. when solar energy was not the fancy business it has become today.

Ranging 12–200 W, the Current is 10-17% higher than typical modules output at operating battery voltage. Sold over Europe, Africa and Middle East for years and recently in Australia they have proven record in the field, supplying reliable free electricity to remote schools, hospitals, farms and missions without fail over many years....

Perfectly suited to battery charging applications/stand-alone systems such as rural electrification, lighting, telecommunications and water pumping as well as grid connect applications.

Amorphous Solar panel A4


Ideal for 6 Volts applications to charge alarms and monitoring systems

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Amorphous Solar panel A7


Perfect for loads such as parking gates, alarms, emergency phones or simply...

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Amorphous Solar panel A14


This small module besides battery charging can provide enough power for few...

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Monocrystalline panel H25


The new photovoltaic modules H25 have been designed for rural electrification,...

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Monocrystalline panel H40


The new H40 has been designed for rural electrification, data survey,...

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Monocrystalline panel H65


The H65 like other E-Solar modules is ideal for applications where a lot of...

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Monocrystalline panel H100


The new H100 offers one of the highest power-density ratio available in the PV...

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Monocrystalline panel H200


The H200 has been specifically designed for the grid market and it's very...

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Monocrystalline panel H250


The H250 has been specifically designed for the grid market and it's very...

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